Pedder Red Summer 2014 Collection

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Sandals are almost exclusive for the summer season; they’re the perfect footwear which allows your feet to feel the warmth of the sun. The Pedder Red Summer 2014 Collection gives you a variety of everyday essential styles of sandals, as well as pumps and wedges, and a series of flats, loafers, ballerinas and slip-on slippers which goes well with all the fashion trends this season. The key summer trends in this collection includes the “Strap Act” styles, “Peekaboo Magic”, “exotic Contortions” and “Walk The Line”. Each trend has their own unique personality to suit the different styles you may adopt this summer.

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The Strap Act, like the name suggests, focuses on strapped sandals with multiple buckles. The elegant straps complement the wearer’s features, molding alluring forms whilst still allowing the wearer to enjoy the warm summer breeze between their toes.


Of course, during the summer, going to the beach with friends is a must! Many of you will get fancy pedicures to impress your friends at the beach. With Peekaboo Magic, you can show off the results with fascinating styles of cut-outs and perforations.

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The Exotic Contortions, is a takes a detour from the typical summer sun activities, and takes in the essence of the summer night life. The unconventional style highlighted with snakeskin leather takes away the sunshine attraction, and glows with a wild animalistic charm.

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Finally, the “Walk The Line” trend plays with the classic black and white styles. The iconic shape of leather shows are sliced to create a form of seduction, contouring the wearers features to make them stand out. The style has a much more formal tone which makes it a unique and whimsical work wear this season.


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The Summer Collection can be found at the following locations:

Shop 2345, Harbour City, Tsim Sha Tsui

Shoespace, LAB Concept, Admiralty