Chasing Shadows in Sheung Wan

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Draw together Hong Kong has announced their new community drawing event, Chasing Shadows in Sheung Wan. Working in collaboration with Asia Art Archive and Walk in Hong Kong, the event will form part of Asia Art Archive’s “Open Saturday Drawing on Histories”.

Draw Together 8

Led by artists and architects, the event is a unique visual and auditory tour revealing places and stories that form the foundations of modern Hong Kong, but has been forgotten. Through sketches using pencils and paper, participants can document their impression of the forgotten eras of Hong Kong.

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Aiming to slow down the pace of younger generations to let them appreciate all the small things in our beautiful city and express their own ideals through visual elements. Chasing the Shadow will be held on 5th July 2014 at 4pm – 6pm, perfect for an unforgettable weekend evening to reconnect with the buried stories and architect of Hong Kong.


Draw Together 8

For more information you can visit their programme official site <<HERE>>