DYNAmeek Pre-Fall Alluring Looks

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Inspired by the glamorous jellyfishes that float gracefully in the depths of the seas, the pre-fall 2014 collection of DYNAmeek is bringing a dynamic and daring fashion to the people of Hong Kong. Reflecting on the contrast of the vibrant jellyfishes and the dark abyss of the deep sea, the collection creates an exciting and mesmerizing fashion style.


The explosive neon colors, embellished by sharp spikes and hard sequins contrast against the dark softer materials almost like the reverse of jellyfishes and their natural habitat. Being known to create wearable new looks with a unique twist, the brand has once again out did themselves with the unfamiliar patterns on the pieces for this collection. Whilst the silhouette of the pieces maintain a form similar to the mainstream fashion trends, the individual handmade embellishments give each piece a astonishing new look.


The clever use of the dark backgrounds in the campaign shoot really brings out the concept of the remarkable deep sea creatures hidden deep within the seas. More of the campaign shots can be viewed at DYNAmeek’s website www.dyna-meek.com