Sen-ryo Omakase Menu Sets

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sen-ryo’s culinary experience has been well received by the people in HK. Constantly bringing the some of the finest flavors from Japan, their newest Omakase menu is something you’ll surely enjoy! Omakase, is a Japanese word that can be translated as “Chef’s Choice”, represents the chef’s utmost devotion to creating the best favors for diners.

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Available at the Sen-ryo Kowloon Hotel branch’s spacious seating areas for diner’s to enjoy the exquisite set menus in a relaxed atmosphere. The Omakase menu’s come in 2 different variants, the Hyaku-ryo Omakase Set and the sen-ryo Omakase Set.

Tofu in Broth

The Hyaku-ryo Omakase Set features Tsukigi’s Moning Catch Sashimi Platter as appetizers, to prepare diners for a wonderful collection of Seasonal Cooked Dish, Seasonal Grilled Dishes, Tofu in Broth, Inaniwa Udon and more Sashimi from the Tsukiji’s Morning Catch, because we all have undeniable impulses for fresh sashimi!

Clam Cooked in Sake

The sen-ryo Omakase Set has Tsukiji’s Morning catch King Crab Sashimi Platter as appetizers, followed by Seasonal Cooked Dishes, Seasonal Hot Pot, Tsukiji’s Morning catch Sashimi Platter, Clam Cooked in Sake and Inaniwa Udon.

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Furthermore, the Hysan Place branch, will exclusively be offering a Selective Grilled Skewer for diners to enjoy a veriety of delicious grilled delights including the new grilled Cherry Tomato Pork Roll Skewers! The fantastic grills go perfectly alongside the array of beers, sake, sochu, and Japanese whisky the branch offers!



Shop No. B3-01, B3/F, the Kowloon Hotel, 19-21 Nathan Road, TST

Shop 1304-1305, 13/F, Hysan Place, 500 Hennessy Road, Causeway bay, Hong Kong