SIMON LEE Gallery Presents Mai-Thu Perret’s Solo Exhibition: Slow Wave

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Multidisciplinary installation based artists, Mai-Thu Perret, joins hands with Simon Lee Gallery for her first solo exhibition in Hong Kong, Slow Wave. Since 1999, Perret has been working on her fictional narrative, The Crystal Frontier, which has inspired many of her present work. The Crystal Frontier revolves around a group of women who attempts to escape capitalism and patriarchal convention.

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However, feminism is 0nly one of the many subjects Perry conveys in her art works.  Continuously expanding the subjects of her work, Perret conveys a diverse message in her work that relates to us in different ways in life, from Constructivism to religious ideals, Perrets work has a subtle thought inducing affect that can easily be missed out.

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In Perret’s latest project, she recreates the design from Italian modernist artist and furniture designer Enzo Mari, to create a domestic installation featuring a bed made of plywood with female figure made from metallic material. Perret’s work highlights on the contradictions we face in modern society in abstract manners that keep you thinking and reflecting on failures of utopian communities. The exhibition will be up until August 19th, leaving you that will leave you with many questions to take home and think about!


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Article images courtesy of the Artist and Simon Lee Gallery.

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