Cocktail Fall Winter 2014

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Taking a strong striking outdoor urban style, Cocktail’s Fall Winter 2014 Collection this year features unstructured colored coats with patterned tops and a range of adorable footwear from colored sneakers to camouflage pony loafers and sporty wedges. Cocktail_Vivetta+FW14

The looks featured in the collection range from sophisticated styles with dark tones to brighter shades with clean simple cuts. The VIVETTA pieces adorn a peach hue with simple cuts that gives off a pure and innocent silhouette. The revealing cuts on the VIVETTA Couple Face Scuba Top take you by surprise in contrast to the silhouette.  The unique VIVETTA Hands Collar fits in complete the look.


The MIHOKO SAITO pieces takes in a more sophisticated persona. The dark tones of blue contrasted with the turquoise and white stripes on the MIHOKO SAITO Panel Border Tops and MIHOKO SAITO Panel Border Skirt fit together perfectly to create a philosophical look. Cocktail_STELLA+JEAN+FW14

Taking some of the elements from men’s wardrobe, the STELLA JEAN pieces don a strong independent look that mixes in masculine features. The whimsical Stripe Printed Tops blends in with the formal attire but keeps it at a playful, casual tone.



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