Hysan Place & Lee Theatre Go SMILEY!

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In the depths of Causeway Bay at Hysan Place and Lee Theatre, a wave of Smiley® has invaded following the First –ever LINE FRIENDS exhibition in Hong Kong and the massive figures of the classic manga characters from “Captain Tsubasa” brought along by the previous football fever.


With a mission to make the world a happier place, the world’s happiest brand Smiley® has created a series of installations at Hysan Place and Lee Garden Theatres. To spread smiles like wildfire in our busy city, a large “SMILEY® rollercoaster” is exhibited in Hysan Place. The rollercoaster is the largest SMILEY® exhibition exhibited in Asia! Complementing this giant work is a smaller installation that is placed at the G/F entrance of Hysan Place at Kai Chiu Road. The smiley characters in these installations are each based off a different country to spread the joy of the brand across the globe!


Located at the entrance to Lee Theatre, another series of smiley characters from across the globes will be waiting to greet shoppers in a whimsical manner!


A pop-up store and a innovative donation machine will be placed inside Hysan Place for guests to bring their smiles home! At the 4/F Sky garden in Hysan Place, there will also be a Huge SMILEY® Magnet wall wish is covered with magnetic smiley magnets ready to be taken away by shoppers!


The donation machine works like a mini game, capturing the smiles of shoppers for them to take home once the game is over. When players reach a certain score, their printed smiles will automatically be equipped with an exclusive frame to immortalize this memorable moment.


The exhibition will go on until August 31st! so go ahead and make your day at Hysan Place and Lee Theatre!