Tsui Hang Village All-Time-Favorites Throwback

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Founded in 1974, Tsui Hang Village has expanded to 3 branches across Hong Kong, but remains true to its traditional Cantonese roots. Marking its 40th anniversary this year, Tsui Hang Village is celebrating with a bang: reintroducing past favorites and award-winning recipes from their archives, a series of Best-Loved dishes now reemerge with the hallmark craftsmanship of Brand Chef Jacky Chan.

140731 Tsui Hang Village Best-loved Award-winning Dishes

Award-winning Delicacies

Crispy Meat and Seafood Roll ($140 per piece, minimum order for two)

Hong Kong Food Festival 1986 – Platinum Award in Meat Category


image024While ingredients such as sea cucumber, water chestnut and bamboo shoot are staples of Cantonese cuisine, here diced and fried in a roll with chicken, prawns, Yunnan ham,and mushroom, the result is the contemporary texture of crispy batter enhancing traditional ingredients. Together with five-spice dipping sauce, this should prove to be a hit for those with adventurous palates.


Steamed Spot Garoupa with White Fungus ($880)

Best of the Best Culinary Awards 2003 – Gold with Distinction Award in Fish Category


Given the geographical location of Guangdong on the southern coast of China, seafood has always been a primary component of Cantonese cuisine. Here, whole spot garoupa is steamed and then stir-fried as filets with white fungus and egg white; the lightness of these ingredients are ideal to bring out the freshness of the seafood, with supreme soup featuring Yunnan ham and chicken slow-cooked for eight hours subtly enriching the dish.


Simmered Goose with Plum and Rock Sugar ($228)

Best of the Best Culinary Awards 2003 – Silver Award in Duck / Goose Category

140731 Tsui Hang Village Simmered Goose with Plum and Rock Sugar
In “A Christmas Carol”, Charles Dickens describes the qualities of roast goose as having “the themes of universal admiration”. Indeed, with Tsui Hang Village’s method of preparation, a plump black goose emerges with perfectly deep-fried crispy skin, yet with the meat tender from being simmered in a specially blended plum sauce. The sweet plum tones with a hint of sourness work well to balance the richness of the meat, while the contrasting texture makes this a staple at any banquet.
Sautéed Prawns with Egg White and Milk ($248)


A lighter option for the award-winning recipe “Sautéed Lobster with Egg White and Milk”, sweet and succulent jumbo prawns are cooked with silky-smooth egg white. This would be a healthier option perfect to be shared among friends and family, or as a guilt-free indulgence at lunch.


Nostalgic Delicacies


Honey Glazed Pork with Gold Foil ($168)

140731 Tsui Hang Village Honey Glazed Pork with Gold Foil

Oft served at imperial feasts during the Manchu era, this dish’s origins lie in the mythos surrounding Nurhachi, founder of the Qing dynasty. Supposedly beginning his career as an attendant salvaging his master’s feast, the warlord created a dish of tender pork loin dipped into egg and deep-fried to a golden color, apropos given his role in bringing the Jin (Golden) Dynasty to power. Garnished with edible gold foil and served with steamed pancakes in the shape and color of golden ingots, this playful interpretation of a classic will be a hit among locals as well as those experiencing Chinese cuisine for the first time.


Baked Fresh Stuffed Conch ($88 per person, minimum order for two)

140731 Tsui Hang Village Baked Fresh Stuffed Conch

This dish exemplifies the best of nostalgic Cantonese cooking- the sweetness of freshly caught conch meat is enhanced with pork and onion brunoise, as well as chicken liver and coconut milk. Turmeric powder heightens the taste of the dish, while taste and aroma is further enhanced with a secret sauce from the chef. Baked within its original shell, the outcome is a dish appealing in both taste and appearance.
Stewed Duck with Assorted Valuable Ingredients ($380)

Best of the Best Culinary Awards 2003 – Silver Award in Duck / Goose Category
image020Cantonese banquets offer some of the most decadent dishes in Chinese cuisine, and this is no exception: a compote of eight delicacies features abalone, sea cucumber, fish maw, prawn, squid, shiitake mushroom, duck gizzard and kidney. Together with the centerpiece of a succulent braised duck, this dish is perfect to celebrate special occasions.


Deep Fried Spare Ribs with Barbecued Sauce Wrapped in Paper ($128)

While paper-wrapped chicken has always been popular in Hong Kong, here Tsui Hang Village updates the contents of the packaging with marinated spare ribs. Nestled inside the cellophane paper packet and deep fried, the wrapping seals the flavorsome juices of the meat. This dish is a great way to enjoy the richness of traditional ‘siu mei’ combined with the delicious aroma of fried spare ribs, without excess oil overpowering the palate.


To try these and other limited edition dishes, head to any of Tsui Hang Village’s three outlets from the 4th of August until the 30th of September.


Written By: Elizabeth Cheung


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