Park Café Summer Color Therapy Delights

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Each color has its own properties and they are able to reflect our subliminal messages and psychological conditions. Experts even suggest that the use of color in different forms can create balance and health in human system. One of the most famous color therapies, Aura-Soma, was founded by a British woman called Vicky Wall. It could help support equilibrium in the body, mind, and spirit by smearing four chosen dual-colored liquids which contains plant extracts, essential oils, and the energies of gems on body.  Inspired by this magical concept, Chefs of Park café have meticulously designed an afternoon tea buffet menu with various chromatic fruits for the purpose of releasing our tension through the sense of taste and vision.

Summer Freshing Fruit Afternoon Tea Buffet (2)

Yellow – Lemon mousse cake

Yellow could stabilize the emotion of sentimental people and cheer them up. Luminous lemon would be the best fruit to clean out our stomach and stimulate appetite in such a hot and humid weather. Using the golden ratio of 10 cups whipping cream to 1 cup lemon juice, a creamy lemon mousse cake is easily made to refresh our brain after a long day.


Light Green – Pandan Soufflé

The chefs try to give soufflé a twist. Pandan leaves are used widely in Singapore cuisine. But this time, they would combine soufflé and the distinctive smell of pandan which gives a new definition of western dessert. When coconut milk, pandan leaves and egg white come together, a fragrant complexity is added which make the desserts more plentiful in taste. To offer the finest food to diners, the soufflé is cooked to order. The chefs must be careful about duration and degree of heating in order to create fluffy texture. Light green is one of the most harmonious colors among all hues. This fresh green dessert might be a great stress management tool.


Orange – Japanese Pumpkin Hash Brown

Orange represents people with high level of adaptability and flexibility. These people are as versatile as pumpkin, which is suitable to make as appetizer, savoury dishes and desserts in different cooking techniques. Pumpkin offers very high nutritional value which has noticeable effect on lowering blood glucose and lipid levels. Some say that eating pumpkin can even help prevent cancers. The chefs would firstly blend the Hokkaido Pumpkin with American New Potatoes and coat the hash brown in batter. Deep-frying with premium sesame oil in 180 degrees Celsius quickly, it will create a crispy outer layer and a melt-in-your-mouth inner layer which makes you eat more and more.


Blue – Blueberry cheesecake

Blueberry has once elected as one of the ten best nutritious foods by the Times Magazine since it is a good source of various vitamins,dietary fiber and potassium. Therefore, it could effectively strengthen the functions of heart and vascular. Eye sight can be strongly protected by having blueberry frequently. If people like blue, they are more likely methodical and good at planning. Blueberry is a good choice for them who pay much attention on their health and future. Reduced-fat cream cheese has been used to keep the dessert light. Mixing with the New Zealand blueberry, the taste is strong but not oily.

Delicious Hong Kong style noodles and a range of Japanese sashimi, sushi and hand rolls are also provided in the restaurant. Bank of China and HSBC credit card holders can also enjoy a 15% off discount!


The afternoon tea is available from 3pm to 5pm on a daily basis.

Mon to Fri:

Adult: HK$138   Children: HK$118

Sat to Sun

Adult: HK$168   Children: HK$148


Written by: Angel Yau



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