Sen-ryo Summer 2014 Cod Celebration

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Sen-ryo, the refined kaiten sushi specialist, is renowned for its high quality ingredients.  In the season of black cod, Sen-ryo keeps on bringing surprise to all fish lovers with its newest summer menu. Choosing the premium black cod and sea bass fillets, Sen-ryo has created a range of tasty seafood dishes which are perfectly matched with the carefully selected sake. Apart from fresh fish, various grilled and pan-fried dishes are particularly introduced which must not be missed!


Black cod is rarely used for sushi and sashimi in most of the Japanese restaurants in Hong Kong. Allowing fish connoisseurs to enjoy the authentic flavors, Sen-ryo buys the freshest and plumpest seasonal black cod from Tsukiji seafood markets. The recommend black cod sushi comprises three different flavours, including salt-cured, yuzukosho (yuzu and pepper) and roasted. Yuzukosho sauce successfully keeps the fish as the main character at the same time enlarging the sweetness. The fish will be like swimming in your mouth while having the cod cured with rock salt. After trying the dishes, you might understand that keeping freshness is not an easy task.


In addition to raw food, the all-time favourite of Sen-ryo loyal customers, Nishinokyo-style Black cod, has returned as well. Dipping the fillet with lemon sauce and mayonnaise could strengthen the fragrance of fish oil. Other recommended grilled dishes are Grilled Black Cod Head and the debut Western-style Grilled Black Cod. Taking a sip of alcohol is a must-do during gatherings. Sen-ryo’s summer menu is conceived with two particular sake, Ichishima Tokubetsu Honjozo and Oumon yumen Junmai Ginjyo. Their strong rice yeast smell is perfectly coordinated with mellow fish oil.


Sea bass is also one of the seasonal fish in summer. Tender and crispy texture is the reason why it is so popular among diners. Undoubtly Sen-ryo has created a series of sea bass dishes to offer the best dining experience to customers. Fresh tomato and Japanese vegetables are added into the Sea bass sashimi salad in anchovy sauce. Diners would feel refreshed with this unique sauce and it would be the best choice as an appetizer in summer. Other signature dishes like Sea bass sushi with anchovy paste and salt-cured sea bass sushi would be strongly recommended.


Dessert time comes after the above main dishes! Sen-ryo has created a scrumptious dessert to repel the heat. The home-made sake jelly is served with fresh grapefruit and vanilla ice-cream. The taste is rich in sweetness and lingering aroma of wine. Diners could choose to pour the sake according to their own preference. Since its alcohol content is not very high, even children could enjoy the cooler dessert together with their families.


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