M.A.C. Announces Collaboration with Sharon and Kelly Osbourne.

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Exploding into public awareness with the hit show The Osbournes, celebrity mother-and-daughter duo Sharon and Kelly Osbourne have packaged their signature style into a bold yet wearable collection. While nude shades such as Strip Poker are a great staple to add to one’s arsenal, the highlights of this collection are the Patentpolish lip pencils and the lipsticks. Mineralize Skinfinish, one of MAC’s hero products also comes in two different shades which produce distinct yet flattering effects.


While Sharon’s Mineralize Skinfinish is stated as being a light summer peach tan/golden pink, Refresh is essentially diffused candlelight in a box; highly flattering and perfect as a subtle highlight on sunkissed skin, or as a bronzer on paler skin tones. Kelly’s Jolly Good is split into two shades: a light beige and soft pink.


The duo’s red and violet palettes reflect their different approaches to makeup; mom Sharon clearly favours smokey warm neutrals and a classic red lip, while Kelly prefers dewy skin and quirky hues for her lips. That said, both sides of the collection can produce contoured or dynamic looks. To make Kelly’s shades more wearable for a daytime look: a nude base such as the lipstick Strip Poker can be used to mute loud shades such as Riot House. On the other hand, to intensify Sharon’s look for the evening, taking the Duchesse Quad and lining eyes using a wet brush with Embark instantly creates a smoky effect.

MAC face and eye sharon kits

While Rapidblack and Smolder are both repromoted shades, getting these classics in limited edition packaging is well worth it, especially if needed to stock up.


For those who favor limited edition hues, the Patent lip pencils offer an easy way to perfect nude or bold red lips- to create a matte texture, pressing translucent powder on with a tissue is a quick fix, while for evening a gloss ramps it up.


Kelly lipsticksFor an interesting take on the gradient lip trend, wearing a nude lip with Strip Poker and an inner tinge with Kelly Yum Yum would give sultry eyes a demure twist. Since Kelly Yum Yum is a more wearable version of cult favorite Candy Yum Yum, its warmer tones are more suitable for Asian complexions, and would nicely offset the darker hues of fall.That said, if one already owns a similarly toned lipstick, a lip liner to define the lips and minimize feathering would be a far better option. For that, In Synch is a great choice, as it can also be used to intensify a gradient lip effect by tracing the inner area of lips.
Similarly, Strip Poker is a beautiful nude shade, but may wash out those with lighter complexions if applied all over. Instead, using it as a highlight for warmer beige lips will subtly create fuller lips.


Since Pantone’s Radiant Orchid was announced Color of the Year, purple has become the hue du jour, and Kelly’s lipstick in Dodgy Girl is a great way to tap into that trend. If you’re worried about it washing out your complexion, warming it with a base coat or opting for mom Sharon’s Patentpink would be a subtler option. Those more daring, on the other hand, might well go Kelly’s route and match their lipstick to hair.


The Bloody Brilliant quad, which wins points for its humor alone, lives up to its name. Blackened Plum in particular gets kudos: matte shades are best to define the crease when contouring, and here it really defines the crease while mimicking the naturally violet hues in shadows, as opposed to the usual browns or blacks. For a more daring look, apply fizzy rose all over the lid- otherwise, use it as an accent in the middle of the eyelid to create dimensional eyes.


Other items to look for in the collection include Kelly’s Brow Kit and the face brushes, for those starting on their first foray into makeup. Check out the collection at a M.A.C. Counter near you, pre-launching on Aug 11th at M∙A∙C Lane Crawford TST and IFC, and AUG 14th, 2014 at all M·A·C locations.


Written By: Elizabeth Cheung