Walking Through La Perla with Chiara Scaglia

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Following the success of their first store in Harbour City, La Perla has recently opened their second concept store in the luxury shopping hot spot, Pacific Place. To celebrate their new store opening an opening event was held inviting many influential and well loved stylists and bloggers to commemorate this wonderful event. We took this chance to grab an exclusive interview with La Perla Managing Director for Asia Pacific, Chiara Scaglia. Here’s how it went!


The new store follows the global concept of the brand. Designed by renowned Italian Roberto Bachiocchi, the store architecture features many iconic architectural elements from Italy,for example the famous arches in Bologna can be seen a lot around the store to represent the brands heritage in Bologna, Italy. The brand aims to create a consistency between the interior of the atmosphere of the La Perla stores, Chiara ensures us saying “we make sure the Shopping experience in La Perla Paris, is the same as La Perla in Shanghai or Beijing”.


The classic style of the store combined with the ultra feminine shades from pale blue to dusky pink and daffodil yellow creates a contemporary style of the La Perla stores reflects on the company’s new direction. With new contemporary styled lingerie being introduced the store brings out the best of both the classic pieces and the simplistic contemporary styles.

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As the interview continued Chiara explains that La Perla continuously develops their product to become more than just lingerie. Combining different fashion pieces with their lingerie, La Perla products have evolved into a bold fashion statement that can be suitable for many different situations and occasions. From elegant classic looks that brings out an elegant feminine charm to the simple pieces that can be combined with fashion pieces inspired by the Men’s wardrobe to create a modern urban women look, La Perla will have something that will fit your personal style. For a fully personal piece, the new store will also be offering a Made-To-Measure line for customer’s to create their own unique combinations to suit their personal lifestyle.

LP MTM  La Perla Maison Gold Edition top and culottes-compressed

Along with the Made-To-Measure line, the new store also features the La Perla Maison Collection Gold Edition, a special feature that adds a luxurious gold finishing touch to each La Perla item. The magnificent garments are beautifully decoarated with 18-carat gold shoulder strap decorations creating a unique style that is made to your criterias!

LP MTM  La Perla Maison Gold Edition LP MTM  La Perla Maison Gold Edition strap detail

About Chiara and La Perla

Since joining PGM, La Perla has developed their name significantly in the Asia Pacific regions, as a well established brand there had to be many barriers and difficulties developing in a foreign location. In La Perla’s case this is true. The key difference between developing the brand in European market and the Asian market is that the brand is an Italian brand with 60 years of history; the brand has an Italian DNA. Over the time as the brand grows it will slowly expand within Italy, and then the rest of Europe, and then US, and now Asia. Chiara explains that the development in the Asia Pacific regions has only just begun; the brand is still relatively new in the market which is the key difference between the developments in the West compared to the East.


The future for La Perla in Asia is still unknown, but Chiara believes that “Organic, Stable Growth is an important part of the business” her rich experience in working with the Asian market will surely bring this luxurious Italian brand to new heights in the Asia Pacific region. I’m sure we’ll all be looking forward for the future developments of La Perla!



Pacific Place, Shop 360, 88 Queensway, Hong Kong

Harbour City, Shop 112, Ocean Centre, Gateway Arcade, Hong Kong