Ralph Lauren Stirrup Collection

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The Ralph Lauren Stirrup Collection carries a heavy travel theme. Inspired by the intriguing elements of travelling, the watches have a unique aesthetic that expresses the graceful aesthetic vision of the designer.

Ralph Lauren Stirrup timepieces in stainless steel _LR
Among the brands luxury watch collection, the Ralph Lauren Stirrup Collection is especially iconic due to the indifferent silhouette. Since the model’s debut in 2009, the Ralph Lauren watches has been well received, and has been recognized as a perfect expression of the brand’s elevated style.

RL Stirrup Petite-Link with snowfall diamond setting _LR
The watches adopt a timeless design that leaves an ultra sophisticated, classic impression. Available for both men and women, the timepieces have small, medium and large models with time-only, small second or chronograph functions. The subtle equestrian details of the timepieces complement the unusual contour of the timepiece completing the overall style of the watch for an elegant style.

RL the Stirrup Small Link in stainless steel_LR
Just like our individual preferences in travelling, the watches adopt different personalities through the different cases, fashioned from different materials. From luxurious white gold to bold durable materials like platinum and steel, the Ralph Lauren Stirrup Collection offers timepieces that perfectly blend into your own personal style.