Artify Gallery Presents Synthetic Landscape

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Local artist Frank Tang Kai Yiu’s first solo exhibition, Synthetic Landscape explores the symbiotic relationship between humans and nature as well as the paradox in old Chinese teachings.


“Learn from the past to transcend the present”, this old Qing Dynasty saying emphasizes on the importance of practice, where one will repeat the same task over and over again in order to fully perfect it. Tang’s work “Rock” embraces this idea, repetitively painting an image of a rock over and over again to mimic the sense of restriction that is the very roots of Chinese painting.  The constant convergence between the past and present in Chinese painting is subtly shown in each individual rock in the piece which leads to the final rock image of the piece to hold a certain sophistication which includes all the elements from previous rocks.


To recreate the relation between mankind and nature, Tang used a rather peculiar way to portray the idea. Through different illustrations found in different books, Tang recreates different perception people of trees.


Indulging in how the audience subconsciously fills up blank spaces in their minds, the piece Impression Mapping has deliberate blank spaces that resemble a photographs of when Tang went hiking in the Zurich.  The unique map included in the work gives the audience enough information to recreate the complete image in their mind. This unique idea lets you indulge yourself in your imaginations through the Tang’s subtle guidelines.



The exhibition will be up at Artify gallery until 7th October 2014.


10F, Block A, Ming Po Industrial Centre, 18 Ka Yip Street, Chai Wan

 Opening Times:

Tue – Fri 10am to 7pm; Sat 11am to 7pm; Closed on Sun & Mon