School Food Celebrates Their New Kowloon Bay Outlet

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The prevalent Korean restaurant School Food brings Koreaphiles exhilarating news! The fourth store has officially opened at Telford Plaza I in Kowloon Bay on the 12th of September. Celebrating the grand opening of the new outlet, two special dishes will be offered on a limited basis. A brand new menu with appetizing dishes will be introduced to deliver the most astonishing dining experience to diners.

140912_ 140912_ School Food (Kowloon Bay -Telford Plaza) Limited Offers_Spicy Chicken Feet with Rice140912_ 140912_ School Food (Kowloon Bay -Telford Plaza) Limited Offers_Lime Athie

The restaurant is mainly wood to create a warm and cozy atmosphere. To make a difference from other outlets, School Food has specially invited a young and talented designer and illustrator duo “Little Importance” to create a three dimensional wall painting. The wall features a 3 dimensional structure of traditional Korean roof, the remarkable true portrait of School Food’s Head Chef Sonny Huh and signature food creations. The ceiling is also decorated with adorable paintings of mari rice rolls.

140912_School Food New a la carte items_Vegetable Mari

In celebration of the new store, there will be a limited offer at the Telfrod Plaza School Food, featuring a limited dish, the Spicy Chicken Feet with Rice, and a special edition of the Athie Drink. Using the popular Korean treat, the Spicy Chicken Feet, the sensational chefs at School Food combined the collagen-rich boneless chicken feet with School Food’s homemade spicy sauce to create a perfect companion for any drinks, for example , the new Lime Athie. The rejuvenating flavors of the fresh lime jelly is a perfect match for the spicy Korean flavors.

140912_School Food New a la carte item_Squid Ink Omelet Rice

Coming along with the new store is a whole new range of a la carte items that will highlight your grueling school days. The new Mari includes the Curry Chicken Mari, the Tuna Mai, and the Vegetable Mari.

140912_School Food New a la carte items_Tuna Mai

The new Mari fit in quite nicely with the existing dishes of School Food, but the following addition gives a unique change of pace to the restaurant’s menu. The Squid Ink Omelet Rice delicately wraps the aromatic black rice in a silky egg wrap, to create a most pleasant surprise as you unravel the gourmet wrapping. The squid ink and calamari not only gives the playful color to the rice but also adds a rich sensory experience to diners.


 Written By: Angel Yau


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Causeway Bay Shop
Address: Shop 1302, 13/F, Times Square, 1 Matheson Street, Causeway Bay, Hong Kong

Phone: 2480 3666


Shatin Shop

Address: Shop 107, Level 1, Phase 1, New Town Plaza, Shatin, New Territories

Phone: 2608 0108



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Address: Shop L1-33, Level 1, Festival Walk, 80 Tat Chee Avenue, Kowloon Tong, Kowloon

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Kowloon Bay Shop

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