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From September 26th until October 31st, within the Interactive Zone of T Galleria Macau by DFS, there will be a travel inspired Hermès watch installation, COUP DE THÉÂTRE. Designed by Dutch designer Kiki van Eijik, the display window adopts a nomadic display-window décor concept that reflects her inner dream world.

3 - Arceau Le temps suspendu 38mm 2 - Cape Cod Tonneau Snow Setting

Featuring the Hermès watch collection, La Montre Hermès, the exhibited include watches such as, Arceau Tourbillon Lift、Arceau Marqueterie de Paille、Cape Cod Tonneau Snow Setting and the Arceau Le temps suspend. The installation revolves around the idea that each watch is displayed as a “miniature theater” that recreates certain elements and atmospheres the designers intended to portray in the watch. From illusionary horse-riding arenas to the Alantic Ocean’s majestic impression, the installation beautifully contrasts the scene with the luxurious watches showcased.

4 - Arceau Le temps suspendu 43mm 6 - Arceau Lift

Amongst the watches presented in the installation, the Arceau Marquiterie de Paille, includes 2 watches created using the traditional art of Straw Marquetry. The process requires a highly complex miniaturization technique which makes these watches extremely rare. The installation is a rare opportunity to appreciate these marvelous pieces up front!

1 - Arceau Marqueterie de Paille