10 Years Anniversary of G-Star by Marc Newson

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Presented earlier this year at the London Design Museum, the 10-Year Anniversary Collection of G-Star by Marc Newson looks back at the past 10 years of the brand, combining the iconic motifs of the last decade on to a single piece representing the brands history.

14281006-MEN-10tYrReversibleJkt_$3,925_82756D.5851.1626-002The Anniversary Bomber jacket is one of G-Star’s Autumn/ Winter 2014 highlights. With the iconic graphics of the past 10 years presented on one side, the other side is contrasted with a black quilted minimalist alternative that brings out a cool impression.

The Newson on the Reversible Tour Jacket is an exclusive version created for oki-ni.com. Although not reversible, the version is limited to 12 pieces, each numbered and signed by Newson, making them a high valued collection for G-Star fans!

MN-WOOL-TWILL-BLAZER-$TBC-82752D.6422.990-MN-DALM-R-SW-L-S-$1,795-85750D.6377.111-MN-WOOL-TWILL-CHINO-$1,195-81751D.6422.990 MN-DNM-OVERSHIRT $4,495-L-S-83750D.6379.001-MN-5-PCKT-DENIM-SLIM $TBC_-81750D.6379.001

The Seven day Suit concept is designed with the ideals of denim in mind. The premium wool pieces are made to imitate denim piece’s no-dry cleaning or ironing concept, for a convenient and suitable wear for any time of the week. The slim blazer features 5 pockets, perfect for modern urban men who prefer the convenience of being able to hold all their necessities in one item.

MN-COLLEGE-TEN-R-T-¾-SL-$1,395_84754D.6378.111-MN-5-PCKT-DENIM-SLIM-$4,495_81750D.6380.001-BACK MN-COLLEGE-TEN-R-T-¾-SL-$1,395_84754D.6378.111-MN-5-PCKT-DENIM-SLIM-$4,495_81750D.6380.001-FRONT

Like many other G-Star pieces, the capsule collection includes innovative denim pieces that is defines the brand. The collection features a selection of Japanese selvedge denims, Newson’s take on the traditional 5-pocket denim results in a 5-pocket Denim Slim with boxy rear pockets finished with rivet-trimmed front pockets.


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