Geo.Graham The Moon

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For a long time, we have always looked beyond our planet into space as a source of inspiration and fascination. The Geo.Graham The Moon is a new addition Graham’s astonishing timepieces, the highlight of this time piece is the perpetual moon retrograde function which imbues the timepiece with the mastery of astronomy.


The High-precision retrograde moon-phase perpetual function calculates the moon’s exact synodic period for a duration of 122 years! The highly technical piece ensures that after the moon jumps back to the beginning of the moon-phase cycle after each synodic period. In terms, this makes the timepiece more fragile and vulnerable, but to support the watch, Christophe Claret in Locle developed a double absorber system exclusively for Graham, allowing the watch to accompany you through your journeys.


Inspired by the constellations the dial of the Geo.Graham The Moon Unique Piece is coated in black and decorated with a constellation of 48 diamonds. Equipped with a Manual Flying Tourbillon the timepiece is a perfect combination of high-end watch making and astronomy. The domed sapphire crystal has an anti-reflective coating on both faces, allowing you to admire the beauty of the piece under any light.