Stéfère Haute Joailleire Asian Exclusive Collection

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Created by Stephanie Rehault, graduate of the renowned French design school D’Esmod, Stéfère Haute Joailleire recently showcased their Asian-inspired designs in Hong Kong. The new collection draws the elements from Asian influences to mesmerizing pieces adorned in diamonds and vibrant colored sapphires set in 18k white gold. Head designer Corina Larpin from Geneva will also design customized pieces for Hong Kong and other parts of Asia through appointments.

Stefere #1 Stefere #4 Stefere #13b


The focus of the collection was taken from Mother Nature, drawing inspirations for the majestic wildlife and lush greeneries of planet Earth. Many of the pieces in the collection features delicate butterflies designs or alluring floral elements that that are beautifully highlighted with colored stones that gives the pieces a soft elegant glow.

Stefere #8 Stefere #3


The unique designs of the brand has made them very popular amongst celebrities across the globe, prominent figures like Victoria Beckham, Penelope Cruz, Lady Gaga, Elton John and many international French models have been spotted wearing custom-made pieces from Stéfère Haute Joailleire collections.

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