Marimekko’s Winter Coats & Jackets

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Winter is coming, although with the spontaneous temperature changes in HK makes it hard to prepare your wardrobe for the sudden change, Marimekko’s diverse range of winter coats and jacket this year will surely prep you for the coming chills. Designed to let wearer’s express their creative mind, Marimekko’s coats and jackets for the coming seasons combines smart designs with bold expressive patterns for you to show the world your personal statement.


Using the brand’s signature floral patterns, the Ruski Floral Padded jacket plays with sharp color contrasts that draw your attention like fireworks in the night sky. The puffy silhouette of the padded jacket adds depth in to your look giving you a stylish and cozy look for the winter breeze.


The wool coats in the Winter Collection, drapes casually from the shoulders. The simple-yet-pop stripe designs and sharp vibrant colors bring a certain sense of modernity to the piece, combined with the hidden snaps, the coats carves a slim silhouette for a smart urban look.

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Marimekko Store Locations:

G/F, 42 Leighton Road, Causeway Bay

Shop no. 1011-12, The Elements

Shop no. 204 – 205, Cityplaza