Blue Butcher Thanksgiving Menu

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Before we realized, the year is already nearing its end. The wonderful holidays and festivals can only be complete with a full hardy meal. For Thanksgiving this year, Blue Butcher will once again be offering their renowned Thanksgiving feast for diners to enjoy with friends and family this year.

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Blue Butcher’s Thanksgiving menu this year features 2 highlights, the signature turkey, and the pumpkin pie.  The succulent meat of the fine turkey, roasted to create an addicting contrast between the seared skin and the tender meat is served with gravy and cranberry. The mashed potato that the bird comes with has a warm homely flavor, fitting for a perfect Thanksgiving meal.


The appetizers served at Blue Butcher ranges to satisfy all palettes, from subtle flavors to rich flavors like foie gras served with toast. Combined with the restaurants signature cocktails, such as the Apple Pie Moonshine which has subtle flavor and unconventional look will drive you craving for more. The magnificent range of flavors presented to the diners will be able to catch up with friends and relatives whilst enjoying a full range of culinary delights whilst the star of the meal is prepared.



Finally, to tie it all together, the Pumpkin Pie, the soft crumbly crust of the pie adds a sophisticated texture to the pie, whilst the flavors slowly melts and spreads within your mouth.  The warm pie leaves a warm nostalgic feeling in your stomach chasing out the chilly breeze of the season.


Every year the turkey is a highly sought dish at Blue Butcher, so diners are advised to pre-order the signature dish beforehand! For more information:

Blue Butcher Bar & Restaurant:

G/F & M/F 108 Hollywood Road

Tel.: 2613 9286