Beats by Dr. Dre Solo² Royal Edition

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One of the most popular modern headphones is deinigitely the Beats by Dr. Dre. The sleek design of the headphones combined with the impressive range of sound has made it a hot accessory for hip looks and music lovers. The new Beats by Dr. Dre Solo² Royal Edition redesigns the signature headphones for optimum ergonomics and offer a higher fidelity sound for those ho seek something powerful for their music.


The Solo²’s is available in 5 new colors, Stone Grey, Blush Rose, Imperial Violet, Sapphire Blue and Hunter Green. The iridescent finish gives the Solo² a luminous glow that goes along perfectly with many modern chic looks. New angled ear cups with pivots gives the headphones a more natural-fit around the wearer to optimize comfort and the sound delivery.

solo2-sapphire-blue-side solo2-imperial-violet-side

The unique compact design was made to offer users a more friendly oon-the-go usage, combined with the color-matched cable which allows users to control their device’s playback, volume and calls, the Beats by Dr. Dre Solo² Royal Edition is truly a remarkable design for those who wants the quality of headphone playback and earphone convenience.


The Beats by Dr. Dre Solo² Royal Edition is available at Apple retail shops and Apple Online.

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