The Urban Outfitter x Ghost Collection

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Urban Outfitter teams up with the vintage inspired fashion brand, Ghost, to bring to you an exclusive capsule collection ‘The Urban outfitter x Ghost Collection’.

Ghost X Urban Outfitters Grey Trench  HKD 2920

Muted color palettes with minimalistic aesthetics, the collection features 14 iconic styles, from wavy full length dresses to diaphanous trenches, the versatile collection gives you the opportunity to mix and match the items in the collection to create your own personal style for the coming seasons.

Ghost X Urban Outfitters Pink Cami HKD 640Ghost X Urban Outfitters Black Midi Slip Dress  HKD 1030

Paying homage to the iconic slip dresses of the nineties, the collection dresses reworks classic silhouettes with the modern touches of Ghost. The dress’ metallic camisoles and layers gives a unique contemporary style where wearers can freely and easily pair accessories to add pleasing layers and more complete looks.

Ghost X Urban Outfitters Silver Maxi Slip Dress HKD 1560

The creative pieces are already available at Lab Concept in Causeway Bay.

Urban Outfitters, Lab Concept

93 Queensway, Hong Kong