AIGLE 2015 Spring Summer Collection

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AIGLE’s new Spring Summer 15 Collection takes in botanical elements for the brands latest apparels and renowned footwear, from natural tone colors to draws inspiration from the 19th century decorative artists, particularly William Morris. The collection sets out along the lines of modern simplicity and authenticity, the collection features 3 different styles, the Jardin Botanique, Jardin Savage and the Jardin d’artist.


Jardin Botanique features the early spring botanical theme, inspired by courtyard gardens and greenhouses. Perhaps the most interesting piece in this Garden is the SAINTFALLS cap for women. Made from lightweight, waterproof and breathable MTD® fabrics, the cape falls comfortably around the wearer protecting them from the gentle downpours of spring.


Inspired by the functionality of classic hunting wear, the Jardin Savage rewords safari jackets with the collection’s delightful plant prints. The “Tailor Oversized” drapes over the wearer for a casual outfit for women, for men, a light casual look with large pockets for both style and functionality.

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Lastly, the Jardin d’artist, offers a light casual holiday look with UV-protected and quick fry material, perfect for the summer season. The style combines a wide range of natural colors on TENCEL fabric, a light crease-free fabric which gives you the effortless artsy look for the summer to come.

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The AIGLE Spring Summer 15 Collection focuses more on apparel to show off a different side of the brand which is so famously known for their boots and footwear. The collection features classic style footwear, for sneakers to the brand’s classic Chelsea feminine chic urban line, and The Classic Miss Juliette in floral patterns.



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