G.O.D x Hing Chao Modo Boon

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Teaming up with Hing Chao, renowned innovative brand Goods of Desire (G.O.D) presents their new Kung-fu inspired contemporary clothing collection.  The Modo Boon Collection changes the belief that Jung-fu apparels are better suited for stage performance rather than routine practice.


The collection is designed with emphasis reducing restriction to the wearer’s movements, creating comfortable and fashionable traditional Chinese martial arts styled looks for Kung-fu enthusiasts. The items in the collection remarkably combines the essence of kung-fu clothing from the Republic period with modern contemporary elements which defines the brand G.O.D, creating a unique style which resembles the kung-fu movies we watched growing up as kids.


To celebrate the new collection, renowned artist anothermountainman (Stanley Wong) was invited to photo shoot for Modo Boon with Kung-fu demonstrations by Hing Chao, Douglas Young, Ben Lau and many other Kung-fu practitioners. The photos will be available on the Modo Boon website!


Modo Boon is now available at three G.O.D. locations: Hollywood Road, PMQ and Stanley.