Cigar Collection Debuts in Hong Kong

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With all the festive atmosphere in Hong Kong, it is a great opportunity to gather with friends and enjoy a nice time-out from work. Cigar Collection, the largest cigar club in Hong Kong celebrates their grand opening in Central, a grand refuge for cigar lovers to truly appreciate quality cigars away from the busy city environment.


The new covers a 4,500 ft area, in the hearts of Hong Kong’s financial and commerce district. The interior adopts a classic walnut color, sophisticated medieval decorations are spread through the entire club, creating a British retro style in the 1940s. the classic items contrasts with the minimalist furniture of the club to create a luxurious contemporary atmosphere, perfect for a modern day get-away.

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A highlight of the club is the priceless world-class art paintings showcased on the walls of the club. The wonderful pieces blend in with the environment radiating a classic elegance. Perfect for small gatherings of patrons of the arts to talk over their interests and love for cigars in a highly sophisticated environment.


To commemorate the opening of the new club, the 4 founders of Cigar Collection, Mr. Wang Zhongjun, China entertainment mogul, Mr. Daniel Yang, famous art collector, Mr. Chen Hong, discerning wine researcher and Mr. Shadow Tsoi, were joined by Chinese celebrities Mr. Zeng Fanzhi, Mr. Zhou Chunya and Mr. Ding Yi, who especially flew all the way to Hong Kong to join this remarkable occasion. Other attending guests included celebrity models, Alien Sun, Mango Wong, Loretta Chow, Coffee Lam, Ann Ho, Anna Lili and Xenia Chong!


Cigar Collection

Address: 6/F, South China Building, 1, Wyndham Street, Central.

Tel: 3188-5168

Fax: 3188-5349