Luxottica X’mas Picks

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With just a week before Christmas arrives, the pressure for gifts may become quite overwhelming. Italian and world’s largest Eyewear Company, Luxottica, presents to you their Christmas picks for a most stylish gift this season. Even though the days are much shorter during the winter, shades are still essential fashion accessories for a sleek look during the festive season, the selected Christmas items will surely complete your own personal style and make for a perfect gift for the fashionista you know.

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Inspired by the Giorgio Armani 2014-15 AW Women’s Collection, the FADE TO GREY collection creates a new style of sophistication with modern frames combined with unconventional items. The rich texture and feel of the fabrics used for the frame gives the shades a new contemporary style, most fitting for the urban lifestyle hipster look.

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The Shade of Life collection from Giorgio Armani takes on a more quiet personality. The natural wood patterns shaped into modern style frames lets off a smooth composed style that would go well for a for modern urban looks.

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Another selected brand for the Christmas picks is Prada. The new Prada Ornate Collection celebrates the brands creativity and knowledge in design, offering luxurious modern elegant looks for the celebrity look. From rounded frames, to square and cat-eye shades, the collection dashes the classic eyewear frames with futuristic monochromatic colors and mesmerizing and mesmerizing metal embellishments bringing out the form and the iconic Prada logo.

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Amongst the Christmas picks, the Dolce & Gabbana Enchanted Beauties Collection is an exclusive piece of remarkable craftsmanship. Adorned with Swarovski crystals, the limited shades possess a mystic animalistic style of a fairy tale. Limited to 2 pieces in Hong Kong, the Dolce & Gabbana Enchanted Beauties Collection would make for a fine gift this Christmas.

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