Lai Bun Fu Chiense New Year Menus

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After their soft opening in December, 2014, Lai Bun Fu officially opens its doors, welcoming diners to experience their authentic recipes for the coming Chinese New Year lead by Chef Chun Kin Leung, the former executive of Hong Kong House, Lai Bun Fu, will be launching 3 special menus to showcase traditional Chinese recipes for diners to celebrate the coming Year of the Goat.

Lai Bun Fu - Steam Bamboo Fungus, Elm Fungus and Asparagus Roll

To celebrate the Chinese New Year, the restaurant has launched 3 seasonal menus filler with mouth watering dishes and festive greetings to give diners a most satisfying meal for the New Year, the Chinese New Year Menus; Health, Wealth and Fortune.Lai Bun Fu Extra Special Hot Pot  (1)

From iconic Chinese New Year dishes such as Savory turnip Cakes and glutinous Rice Balls, the restaurant has given the menus a modern twist like the Sifu’s Cripsy Chicken with 5 Flavour Condiments, and Foie Gras Prawn Cutlets on Toast.Lai Bun Fu - Sifu’s Crispy Chicken with 5 Flavour Sauces-3

Lai Bun Fu is located at 5/F, 18 On Lan Street, Central, Hong Kong. For more information, please visit For reservations, please call (852) 2564 3868 or email