Cuisine Cuisine Chinese New Year Delights

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Welcoming the Year of the Goat, Cuisine Cuisine in ifc launches their new range of Lunar New Year delicacies made from luxurious ingredients combined with symbolic blessings in their name to offer you a perfect meal to welcome the New Year.

150127_Cuisine Cuisine_Turnip Pudding with Parma Ham

The new Lunar New Year dishes include Prosperity, the glamorous combination of Bird’s Next, Shredded Abalone, Roasted Duck with Melon Juliennes tossed with Abalone Sauce; Affluence is made from Braised Fish Head with Seafood and Vegetables to give you a rich lingering flavors for a unforgettable meal celebrating the Year of the Goat; Wealth combines festive colors with Poached Fresh Spotted Garoupa Filet with Tomato in Fish Broth creating a Chinese New Year themed delight; and finally Abundance, Stewed Whole Pig Knuckles and Abalone Sauce brought together to give you a wonder combination of rich flavors and contrasting textures for a gourmet experience to start the new year.

150127_Cuisine Cuisine ifc_Bird_s Nest, Shredded Abalone, Roasted Duck and Melon Juliennes tossed with Abalone Sauce

For Chinese New Year gifts, the restaurant will also be offering 3 different Chinese New Year puddings, the perfect gift to share the joys of the New Year with Friends Families and to express a token of gratitude to business partners.

150127_Cuisine Cuisine_ Osmanthus and Coconut Pudding topped with Bird_s Nest and Gold Foil

The 3 new puddings include the Osmanthus and Coconut Puding Topped with Bird’s Nest and Gold Foil, the Turnp Pudding with Parma Ham and the Coconut Cream Pudding with Okinawa Brown Sugar. Ordering the Chinese New Year Puddings will benefit from the Early Bird Discounts.

150127_Cuisine Cuisine_ Coconut Cream Pudding with Okinawa Brown Sugar

The Chinese New Year delicacies are available for purchase at Cuisine Cuisine and Mira Dining’s website at