Ferrero Hysan Place Pop Up Store

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Renowned confectionery brand, Ferrero, has recently launched a pop-up store at Hysan Place, Causeway bay, featuring 4 new flavors to celebrate the loving Valentine’s Day and the coming Year of the Goat. Decorated with 1, 934 pieces of the iconic Ferrero Rocher gold foil wraps, the boutique will offer the 4 new limited edition flavors of Ferrero fine chocolates air-freighted from Italy. The 4 new Ferrero flavors include the Ferrero Cappuccino, the Ferrero Tenderly White, the Ferrero Tenderly Naugat and the Ferrero Manderly.Ferrero Boutique_1

The Ferrero Tenderly White combines smooth white chocolate with hazelnut fillings to create a rich sweet aroma for the romantic occasion of Valentine’s Day. The Tenderly Nougat gives you another white chocolate option for the coming season. Milk chocolate praline with a creamy nougat filling makes The Tenderly Nougat a delightful combination between the crunchy whole hazelnut and the refined milk chocolate.

Ferrero TenderlyFerrero Tenderly Nougat

Covered in crisp hazelnuts, the Ferrero Manderly holds a sophisticated contast of texture. From the rough exterior to the sooth hazelnut filling wrapping the almond center, the Ferrero Manderly wraps the unmistakable taste of almond behind a curtain of sweet flavors.Ferrero Manderly

Available for standalone purchase only during Februrary 4th – February 10th, the Ferrero Cappuccino combines the signature Italian coffee-based drink with the brands crispy wafer specialty. The luscious filling mixes the intense flavors of coffee with mellow tastes of milk to give you a delightful surprise underneath the crunchy shell.

Ferrero Cappuccino & Ferrero Manderly


The Pop-up boutique will be up until 10th February, don’t miss out on the unique chocolate experience!