Qiu Jia “For Faces by The Sartorialist”

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Faces By The Sartorialist is a project launched by Luxottica which displays the diverse interpretations of eyewear inspired fashion styles. To expand the diversity of the project, Luxottica has invited Chinese paper-cut artist Qiu Jia to incorporate eyewear into her unique creative medium.

Faces_by_The_Sartorialist_QIU_JIA_Portrait (2)

Originating from China, Paper Cutting is a popular form of art derived from ancient Chinese traditions of worshipping ancestors and gods. The art form has a rich history of over 1500 years and still holds a strong cultural value to people throughout China.whilst the art form itself is filled with history and tradition, Qiu’s style breaks free from traditions and seamlessly weaves together the beauty of both Western and Eastern ideas to create remarkable fairy tales told through various fashion styles.

Faces_by_The_Sartorialist_QIU_JIA_BTS_Image (4)

Qiu’s work for this project is based on her favorite optical from, the Ray-Ban Clubmaster combined with Qiu Jia’s interpretation of ancient Chinese mythology about a tree called Jianmu, which bridges together heaven and earth.

Qiu Jia_Artwork