G.H. Mumm Together With Art Central Presents MEDIA x MUMM

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With such a grand array of art events this month, March is the month that every art lover in HK has longed for in their dreams! To give the people of Hong Kong a unique art experience this year, Art Central has announced G.H Mumm as Champagne partner for the 23-26 March fair.  With a range of collaborations lined up to celebrate their shared passion for pushing boundaries and leading through innovation, G.H Mumm and Art Central presents the MEDIA x MUMM.


Combining avant-garde digital, new media and performance art together, the MEDIA x MUMM features five daring and thought-provoking new media art installations to give audiences a sophisticated experience this March.

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With highlights including Taiwanese artist Ting-Tong Chang’s The Colosseum, a durational installation that will constantly evolve over the six day fair. Brought to you by Christine Park Gallery (London), Chang will be blindfolded and confined to a prison-like structure for an average of 8 hours per day as he draws a panorama of the world around him, based only on second-hand imagery provided to him by another artist.


Another highlight is experimental art space The Container, a contemporary gallery from Nakameguro, Tokyo. As the name suggests, the exhibition is no more than a constructed shipping container that will play host to four specially curated projects across the six day fair, including a performance by artist Jack McLean.


During the fair, G.H. Mumm will also present a Champagne Bar which will become a Hong Kong Art Week social hub. Providing a full sensory experience, which includes a projected audiovisual installation by NONOTAK studio’s DAYDREAM enhance by champagnes, the Champagne Bar will surely bring together those who share a passion for art and champagne.


To celebrate the partnership, the bar will also feature two new exclusive G.H. Mumm limited edition bottles of Cordon Rouge. Symbols of energy and innovation, both the No1 Silver and the reflective David Guetta bottles will be on offer for the first time in Hong Kong.


To further enhance your experience at the fair, Mumm will be offering on-demand champagne delivered to gallery locations with the press of a button. Powered by SpotHelp, a text-based concierge service, visitors can simply Whatsapp Champagne orders with their booth location to have champagne delivered to them, maximizing the time they can spend to appreciate each artwork. This on-demand service will combine the digital world and reality to create a seamless experience for art and champagne lovers.

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Art Central will return to Central Harbourfront 23-26 March 2016. Tickets to Art Central are available for sale online via HK Ticketing with two for one on advanced tickets available now.