bareMinerals CORRECTIVES: Tackle Skin Problems with Botanical and  Mineral Ingredients

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Blemishes, fine lines, dryness and dark circles are among the most common skin problems one could face, usually caused by factors such as aging, pollution, work pressure and lack of sleep. Specifically and precisely tackle your skin concerns, bareMinerals’s new Correctives collection, mineral-ignited formulas with botanical extracts and high-performance ingredients, may just be your perfect fit.

Skin Problem: Fine lines, diminished luminosity, lack of resilience

 Brilliant Future Age Defense & Renew Serum is your secret weapon to revitalize your skin against these early signs of aging. Apply 3-4 pumps over entire face and neck.

Skin Problem: Dark circles, fine lines and puffiness

Brilliant Future Age Defense & Renew Eye Cream target wrinkles and dark circles. Pat a small amount of eye cream around eye area and gently massage until fully absorbed.


Skin Problem: Loss of skin volume, intense dryness
The dual-phase formula of Eternalixir Skin-Volumizing Oil Serum is a combination of nourishing oils and skin-renewing serum. This oil serum helps bringing back the look of youthful fullness, while supporting skin’s resilience. Shake the 2 layers of ingredients together to unleash the synergistic benefit.

Skin Problems: Blemishes

Blemish Remedy Acne Clearing Treatment Serum help to reduce the redness of blemishes to give a healthy-looking complexion.

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